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Whining/whistling from front of car

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  • [All Models] Whining/whistling from front of car

    I've got a Corsa D SXI and noticed yesterday there's a whining/whistling noise coming from somewhere under the bonnet. I don't notice it upon starting the car, I've heard it while driving slightly but once I stop the car after driving its quite noticeable.
    only had the car 3 weeks and worried it's going to be a big problem
    Any ideas what this could be please!?

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    If it's happening when stationary then it's not the running gear - brakes and driveshafts can make whistling noises at times. So it's engine related - check if the noise changes with engine revs.

    Fortunately if it's happening at idle it ought to be fairly simple to track down. It's a case of lifting the bonnet and seeing where the noise is coming from - but be careful not to lean in and get clothing or hair caught in moving parts.

    Common causes are:
    An air leak - which needs to be sorted asap.
    A belt or pulley - usually not a huge problem really, unless the tension is too tight.
    The alternator, AC pump - again, not usually a big issue.

    I've got one which whistles on idle and it's just the alternator - it's done it for the past two years and it's not causing any problem so I leave well alone.

    It is impossible to be sure about noise over a forum, you really need to have the car to inspect to be certain. If in doubt take it into your usual workshop and get them to check.
    1972 Viva restoration thread -


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      Ok thank you, it's still under warranty so I might just pop down to a garage and ask and hope it's not a big problem