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Any Tips For Seized Coilovers?

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  • [Non Corsa] Any Tips For Seized Coilovers?

    As the title says. Went to adjust the coilovers on my car recently to raise it up a bit, but one of the nuts seems to be seized.

    They're the same as this set. Eibach Pro Streets and it's one of the fronts i'm having problems with just now

    The struts on the front are made from stainless steel and are rust free. Unsure what the nuts are made from for adjusting but they have a plastic seat above them for the spring, so heat isn't an option.
    I don't have a spring compressor or a vice at home either so if i was to strip them, it would be a garage job.

    Plan just now is to jack the car up to de-compress the spring so i can soak the threads in plus gas and try and clean them up as much as possible with a wire brush. Perhaps a small bar over the C spanner as well but was just posting to see if anyone else had similar issues or any tips i might have overlooked.

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    On the odd occasion plus gas alone wasn't enough I have found that a second dose and then a squirt of wd40 usually does the trick. Wd40 is a dispersant so it drives the Plusgas into the corrosion. Works for me anyway.
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