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HELP!!! Before I scrap the car

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  • HELP!!! Before I scrap the car

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    Welcome to the forum. This should have gone on the mechanical thread. We may be able to suggest some general possibilities but it would help to know which engine and what fault codes you are getting


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      Fault code I am getting is p0570
      It's just a 1.0 litre corsa c life 3 cylinder peddle and pop


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        You tried the Idle Air Control Valve?

        This site (plus many others) seem to suggest cruise control...which you don't have

        P0570 OBD-II Trouble Code, Cruise Control - Opel
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          HAs it had a good service lately and ensured that the throttle body is clean?

          The mass Air Flow meter creates a lot of problems. If you disconnect it does the problem go away?

          The Managemnt light is flashing??


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            The management light come on and stays on then it flashes when you rev it or idle it for a few minutes


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              Cleaned the maf still doing the same thing got a wet spark plug on cylinder 2 the other 2 cylinder 1 and 3 are black


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                I know one can buy MAF cleaner.

                I have never attempted to clean the MAF

                However, from other experienced members of this site, those MAFs do not clean well / there is no noticeable effect after cleaning

                You would be better disconnecting it and seeing if anything changes.

                Is it actually a Bosch MAF as aftermarket ones are very troublesome?


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                  The fault code seems wrong to me. I would have thought a maf sensor problem would affect the whole engine. Not give two dry plugs and one wet. Did you replace the plugs and coil pack with brand new? If you swop plugs around does the wetness follow? Are the electrical contacts clean and wiring sound? Is it possible to disconnect the wiring to plug 2 to see how it affects running? (As you may have guessed I know naff all about coil packs or mafs !)
                  Sorry to be pessimistic but before going to too much more expense I would check the cylinder compressions.
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                    When you say that spark plug in number two is 'wet', is this wet with oil or with petrol?
                    If it is the latter, try what Bugman suggests and swap the plugs around, if that plug works OK in another cylinder, but the one that you place in cylinder number two then becomes wet with petrol, the problem is obviously to do with ignition (or lack of it)

                    If the 'wet' is in fact oil, then you need to do a compression and leak-down test to find if the compression losses are due to poorly seating valve(s) or a piston fault.
                    As you don't mention any other problems, it is unlikely that any compression loss is due to a failed cylinder head gasket.



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                        If its just petrol you may still be lucky and find its an ignition problem fairly cheap and easy to cure. If a compression check reveals serious problems with cylinder 2 there are tests that can confirm the diagnosis and identify the likely cause - rings,piston,valve or head gasket. But none are exactly good news. The HG can be replaced in isolation but may have warped the head. Damaged pistons,rings or valves may have caused secondary damage to bores,cylinder head etc.
                        If you like that sort of thing you can dismantle the engine and hope its easily repairable, but it may be easier and cheaper in the long run to look for a good replacement engine. Maybe an MOT failure thats a good runner, and do a transplant. You may be able to get your money back selling parts.


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