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Z12XEP Cylinder head 8 digit block number

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  • [All Models] Z12XEP Cylinder head 8 digit block number

    Hi guys,

    I am looking at replacing the cylinder head on my 1.2 twinport and thought I had found a couple for sale but the casting number on the block is different

    The number on mine is 55 351 328 but the ones I have seen are 55 355 430

    What is the difference ? I am baffled and can't seem to find a cylinder head with the same block number on it.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm not 100% sure but I believe that is just a casting number,not a part number.When the foundry cast a new batch of alloy blanks ,or maybe use a different mould, they change the casting number.
    This link to an ebay listing shows 3 possible numbers for what appears to be the same head. Vauxhall Z12XEP Z14XEP Agila Corsa Meriva Cylinder Head Twin Port 55351328 | eBay
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      beware - You need a twinport head. That is what the 'P' in 'Z12XEP' stands for.

      these went to twinport from ca sept/oct 2003 on the Corsa

      The engine code (and not the engine number), namely Z12XEP is 'etched' into the head beside the part no.

      The part no is cast into the head - I don't believe it is a casting no.

      I had something similar on a Corsa B, where the heads were identical but there were two different part nos on various heads I found

      Did the episode with the camshaft damage the head? Have you the head off the car?