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2006, 1.2 - Popping/clicking in pedals.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 2006, 1.2 - Popping/clicking in pedals.

    Hello, I've just bought my first car and have noticed a strange popping sound coming around the pedal area. It's mainly when I pull off or put pressure on the gas pedal. I'm thinking it's when the car lifts up? I've had my mechanic check it over, to which he said it's nothing to worry about, although it's annoying me now and it's getting louder. I can also feel it in my sort of like 'popping' in my foot. Mechanic checked the tires, engine mounts, wish bones but couldn't see a problem, any help?

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum. From the deadly silence it appears nobody recognises your symptoms from your description. Is it really bad or could it just be an unfamiliar car?Could it only appear to be getting worse because you are concentrating on it more? If the car makes the noise while stationary/revving up in neutral you may be able to investigate further by crawling around in the floor well, under the bonnet etc. Noises do not always originate from exactly where you think they do. Grab hold of fittings ,and give them a shake to see if the noise stops temporarily. You can sometimes locate a noise better by using something as a stethoscope. Even a screw driver held with the tip resting on a suspected area and the handle held against your ear can magnify the noise. But be careful of moving parts. If all else fails try and make a video of the noise in action and post it on the site.


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      I wonder if 'popping' is the best description of this sound.
      Popping noises are generally associated with misfires, leaking exhaust systems and the like.
      Does the engine note change when the 'popping' occurs? or maybe a sort of 'jolt' rather than smooth acceleration?
      Are the brakes effective? I ask this, as a vacuum leak to the brake servo could possibly create a 'pop'.



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        Apologies for the late reply, I've been away on holiday. So, I've spoken to some people and they think it's possibly the CV joint? To answer your questions:
        No, engine tone doesn't change
        Acceleration is smooth
        Brakes are effective too.


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          I feel it's gotten worse, now it's more of a creek when pulling off. The boot on the passenger side was loose last month but got clipped back in, but the driver side wasn't checked by my mechanic, as the sound was fairly faint at the time, he couldn't really put his finger on a problem that he couldn't hear. So I will take it to him and report back as soon as possible.


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            Very hard to know what this is without being able to check the car personally. If you are feeling it through the pedals then my hunch is there is something amiss with the suspension, steering or front subframe mounts. Something has some play in it which is shifting as you take up drive. It needs to be up on a lift and checked underneath with a good stout bar moving anything that is bolted to something else to see where the play is. I'd start with the lower front swivels - but that's just a hunch.
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