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  • [All Models] kangaroo

    hi all

    im having problems at lower revs where it will kangaroo considerably like a first time learner. If you increase the engine revs there's no problem and the car drives perfectly on motorways etc.
    after a 40 mile drive i gone home and done a pedal test and i got a few code:

    can anyone shed any light on these codes i have just fitted a new GM EGR valve with a blanking plate, the car is a astra h 2005 1.6 twinport life petrel 112k mileage.

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    a little update

    i remembered i just removed the battery and the battery tray to fit a new EGR valve, so i got the op-com out and read all the codes cleared them started the car revived it to 3000 rpm and 2-4 minutes refreshed the codes and i only get 1 now.

    p1483 - fan control 3 circuit low voltage


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      Funnily enough I've just had something similar, jerky at low rpm. Changed plugs and filters, reset the ecu, still hesitant. Fuel filter, no better. Cleaned the MAF (not a Vauxhall!) no better. Compressions all spot on. Oil and coolant spot on. Still feels like a bad fuel mix so I'm thinking mucky injectors, lob in a dose of fuel system cleaner then take it for a good hard blast and it just got better and better. Running a treat now.

      Sometimes the simple things work.
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        wow great work and thanks for the reply have you got any ideas what is the best system cleaner to use so i can get one tomorrow and when you say a hard blast at high rpm or mph ? (some people have a different understanding for it).


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          Get hold of some Forte fuel system cleaner. Give it 3 or 4 miles to get the engine up to temperature then give it some hard throttle up to 5k rpm.
          1972 Viva restoration thread -


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            taurus the only one i could find was forte petrol saver which it say fuel system cleaner so i bought that and put it in ran it for 4-5 miles the drive down the straight i was at for about 2-3 minutes at 6 - 7k rpm, i still have the like judder, but now i when i stop at lights and and junctions it is just stalling will start again first try. dont know if this info helps


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              i was just wondering what are the symptoms for the swirl flaps i think they are called the little valves in the inlet manifold, i was looking though the service history as i have receipts going back to 2005 and it has not had new once's fitted or anything about cleaning them. so i was wondering could they be the cause of the judder at low revs and the stalling im getting?