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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Handbrake problems

    So I've fitted a rear axle off a 1.8.

    It's a simple bolt on job complete direct swap.

    I've fitted new handbrake cables, but no matter what I can't seem to make the cables tight. I'm constantly left with slack, and have run out of adjustment inside the car.

    Any ideas! It's really irritating.


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    What did the rear axle come off - Vauxhall made a balls up of some handbrake fittings and there are brackets available to make the handbrake cable fit on some versions of the 1.8 rear axle. If you bought the cables from Autovaux they know about the brackets and should be able to supply them if needed.

    If it's an older axle they had a shorter handbrake cable that you can't buy anymore. The later handbrake cables are longer and need different brackets on the axle to make them work properly.
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      Thanks so much, I found all that out about 10 mins ago haha.

      You're completely right, although I was on phone to Autovaux earlier trying to buy those brackets and bloke couldn't find the part at all. Just to confirm here are insane should have tomorrow


      Also explains why even when buying cables from Vauxhall I had same issue as ECP ones


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        New brackets arrived, and fitted. Handbrake is perfect now! Stupid Vauxhall making my life difficult. Had nothing but bad luck on this conversion


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          At least the end of conversion bits is nigh!
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            Out of all engine conversions and work I've done over the years. Believe it or not, that was first handbrake cable I've ever done, on any car.