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  • [Non Corsa] EGR

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    Blanking it off will make the car run very slightly better - so little you won't notice, but you're not dumping exhaust gases into the cylinders.

    There are those who will say it adds to Nitrous oxide pollution as that is why the EGR is there in the first place, but later models don't have them anyway as they proved to be unreliable and when they go wrong they cause more pollution.

    If you blank it and leave it connected you don't really need a remap - though some will disagree with that. You will get the EML on at motorway speeds occasionally but if you're happy to live with that then that's not a problem.

    So it is a case of you pays your money and you make your own mind up how to tackle it. Personally I wouldn't go buying a new EGR.
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