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500 to replace cam followers and timing chain

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 500 to replace cam followers and timing chain

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      It's about right - you can get cheaper but they'd probably use a cheap chain kit and those don't last five minutes. Whatever you do make sure they use a genuine GM chain kit. If necessary buy it yourself and give it to them.

      The thing to watch for is that those cam followers usually only fail on engines which have oil feed problems due to lack of oil changes. The same goes for the timing chain. Do not be tempted to use a flush if you suspect the engine has deposits in the oil passages. Best bet is to use a cheap oil and do a few 1000 mile oil and filter changes (use good quality filters though). Wait until you can do a couple of thousand miles before the oil starts to darken and then stick to 5k changes.
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        Thanks for the replies guys.

        I have noticed that the knocking noise seems to increase slightly when the engine gets warmer.