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  • [Non Corsa] coolant bleeding air

    hi all

    im having trouble getting the air out of the coolant system i have had the car running for about 2 hours now with the heater on full cap off the coolant tank, but i keep getting a like tapping noise from the radiator the coolant will drain out of the coolant tank then i get the tapping noise then i get the coolant and air back in the coolant tank. then the coolant tank is full to the max line it is just pushing the coolant out from under the coolant tank, there is a hole that i would say is a overflow as i took the coolant tank off to see why it was coming out under the coolant tank. has anyone ever come across a system like this before as this is a first for me.

    my is a astra H 2005 1.6 twinport petrol 110k miles

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    They are an electronic thermostat so you need to follow the filling procedure as outlined in Haynes.

    Refill very slowly - the slower the better in my book - to the cold mark on the tank
    Fit and tighten the expansion tank cap
    Run the engine at about 2000-2500 rpm until the radiator fan switches on - then continue to run for another 2 minutes
    Stop the engine, let it cool, top up back to the cold mark
    Keep an eye on it for a few weeks as there's nearly always a bit of air left that works its way out over time.
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      thank you taurus i will do that