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Warm Start Issues - Engine Cutting out then wont re-start

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Warm Start Issues - Engine Cutting out then wont re-start

    Hi folks

    My Corsa B is playing up, but almost only with warm starts i.e re-starting any time up to an hour after driving. It's a 1998 1.4i hi-torq breeze

    First start in the morning or after work are fine 90% of the time but at least half the time with warm starts it will start straight away up to idle revs then slowly drop revs, shuddering quite a lot and cut out. When trying to start it up again it will just turn over but not start, although having the throttle pushed to the floor will normally help it start after a few seconds of turning over. See video for an example of it cutting out:

    Sometimes having the throttle to the floor will get it to start but as soon as i release it the revs drop to zero and it cuts out, i'd have to then hold the revs high for a few seconds for it to stay running.

    Occasionally on cold starts it will start up on very low revs then creep up to idle, like this:

    (serious amount of looking like a tit filming my car start normally before I caught this!)

    A lot of googling suggests the crankshaft sensor could be to blame and this was also my mechanic's first thought so I got that changed but hasn't made the blindest bit of difference. Code reader apparently doesn't pick anything up. He has a few other suggestions but frankly I'm reluctant to try replacing things at random spending more money than the car is worth when I'm likely to be selling (or at this rate scrapping!) it in September.

    Once it's running it's absolutely fine and is yet to skip a beat on long journeys other than getting a bit toasty in stop-start traffic.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Chances are that's the coolant temperature sensor (not the small sender for the gauge) it's a 19mm unit fitted at the rear of the engine. They default to a rish mix for cold start, when the CTS fails the mix stays rich so it floods when warm.

    Good news is they are cheap to replace and any generic one will do. Bad news is they are pain to get at because it's a 19mm fitting but you can'y get a 19mm spanner or socket on them easily. I use a 19mm ring spanner cut in half. Does the job a treat.

    Similar symptoms to the old auto chokes sticking on. You had to floor the throttle to get them going.
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      Thanks mate, that does look like fun to get to..

      I'll give it a go and see how it gets on. Appreciate the quick reponse


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        Whereabouts in N Wales are you? I'm in Chester so if you're over this way you can use the spanner to whip your CTS out.

        Funny thing is that I went to one of those about 3 years ago - a breakdown firm guy had been struggling to get it going for a few hours and was getting desperate. I used my sawn off spanner and did the job in 10 minutes - and the next day his boss rang to offer me a job.
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          In Llandudno so not quite near enough to pop round and use a spanner Although I'm in Manc on Saturday so if the sensor arrives tomorrow I might have to take you up on that on my way by.. Just reading through your Viva thread, sure know what you're doing! Was always my intention with the B to work on it myself but never have the time.


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            As said it does sounds like CTS


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              Thanks Baggers

              CTS arrived today by snail mail. Had a quick look under the bonnet to see where it goes but can't seem to see it. Am I likely to need to take any other intakes/pipes etc off to get to it? I'll have a proper look tomorrow in the light but might just drop it off at the garage before work!


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                It's at the rear of the head. Space is limited hence te cut down ring spanner. With one of those it's easy enough without major surgery.
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                  I'm probably just being a bit thick, I know so little about cars its laughable

                  Is it this blue one? If so, there's no way i'm getting my hand down there!

                  If not, can you point me in the right direction?

                  Before anyone mentions it, i'm well aware the poor girl needs some serious TLC under the bonnet!!


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                    If you take the intake trunking off it's not as bad as it looks. Most of them have a blue connection part, some are cream coloured, they vary in shape so check you've got the right one before taking the old one out. You will lose a bit of coolant but not too much, so make sure you've got some fresh antifreeze of the right type to top up with.
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                      I'm looking in the right kind of place then at least? Sounds good, I'll give it a whirl tonight if it stops pissing it down! Thanks again


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                        Didn't have the time to start fiddling around with taking off the intake pipes etc as I've got an exam coming up so dropped it off at my mechanic on the way to work on Friday who had it done within the hour.

                        Run it over the weekend and today, made plenty of excuses to take it for quick blasts on the local B roads so I could try warm starts and (touch wood) it's been spot on so far.

                        If anything it seems to be running a little bit sweeter in general although this could just be placebo!

                        Hopefully all is now well so thanks v much Taurus

                        Just wish it had a bit more power, overtaking is a bit of a mission with only 60 horses


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                          60 horses is more than enough. My 1.2 8v only had 45 when new and quite a few of them had escaped over time. You just have to plan ahead a bit.

                          I find a 6 month diary helpful.

                          It will run a bit better because the fuel / air mix will be correct. You should also find your mpg better as well - unless you spend all day on country lanes trying to overtake everything.

                          Glad it's sorted.
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                            Problem is it's not enough to overtake (safely anyway) on windy A/B roads (which is pretty much all we have in Wales!) if people are doing anything more than 40. Just takes too long to climb 50-70.

                            For normal driving it's fine and in this car is a lot of fun.

                            My commute is 2 miles and I drive with "enthusiasm" so mpg is pretty low, not too worried about the fuel expense of an average 11 miles a day though


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                              Not a good idea driving with 'enthusiasm ' on a 2 mile commute if the car hasnt warmed up enough. 60 BHP is plenty if you use it right through driver skill.Things like dropping back from your 'target ' a bit and build up speed before the overtake starts -timed carefully.
                              You'll always yearn for more horses, better brakes suspension etc. Any fool can drive faster in a faster car. One who also knows how to make the most of a 'slug' can do even better.