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Corsa c z12xe revs cutting

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa c z12xe revs cutting

    Hi, driving today my revs kept cutting at around 3k and then would come back after 5-10 seconds, I'm fairly sure it's going to be the fly by throttle but I've no fault codes so just wondering if it could be somthing else


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    Are you sure it isn't going into default mode? That will limit the engine rpm - feels like hitting the rev limiter.

    The fault code system isn't foolproof. The crankshaft sensor usually doesn't show a code. It may be the fly by wire throttle control as you suspect - in which case it's likely a bad connection somewhere. Check the connections and look for any signs of damage on the wiring. The snag is that the wire can break internally and then it's a pain to track down.
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      Anyway to test if it's going to default mode? I didn't expect the crank sensor because it starts first time every time

      I'll check the wiring today and hopefully see somthing obvious

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