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Radio controlled keys door lock problem

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Radio controlled keys door lock problem

    New addition to the family:

    Corsa C 2005 1.0 litre 3 door. Blue

    So - central locking with radio controllers in the keys

    Press once should open driver door.

    Press twice should open driver and passenger doors and the boot and petrol cap.

    When pressed once, the drivers side button raises.

    When I operate the door handle, there seems to be a point of resistance in the handle and then the button descends and locks the door.

    I can open the door with the key inserted in the lock

    I had a look online and some are saying motor problem or maybe internal handle rods.

    Would an immobiliser have anything to do with it (do not know if it has one)

    Any ideas before I take things apart?
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    Nothing to do with the immobiliser. Sounds like the linkage has worn or the mechanism isn't fully moving to the unlocked position. You may find some silicon lube on it may help.

    What happens if you do a double press - ie unlock all the doors?
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      A double press opens everything and in those circumstances there is no problem when the driver's side door handle is operated - the button remains up.

      I may take it apart and have a look
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        Actually, I tried it again a number of times.

        It seems that most of the time, even after the double press when I operate the door handle, the button descends - which would make sense.

        Seems to be related to the handle. Will have alook

        Only once or twice today did it not descend on the double press.


        On a separate note, is there supposed to be a plastic water deflector tray under the scuttle panel and over the battery on these?

        The battery is somewhat exposed to rainwater.

        Here a pic:

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          That's normal


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            Covers are mainly to minimise the chance of something short circuiting the live terminal to the body. They dont play much part in preventing corrosion. Ideally coat them with a dielectric battery terminal grease/spray


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              Originally posted by Bugman View Post
              Covers are mainly to minimise the chance of something short circuiting the live terminal to the body. They dont play much part in preventing corrosion. Ideally coat them with a dielectric battery terminal grease/spray
              Except on F**d Escorts! On them the cover stops rainwater coming off the screen, getting into the stupid design of battery they fit, which then causes the electrolyte level to overflow, spilling acid down the bodywork and dropping onto the n/s anti-roll bar mount - which then dissolves.

              Deep breath - but on the Corsa with the right battery fitted it's not a problem. I do recommend fitting something to prevent accidental short circuits though. A tool getting across the terminals is frightening.
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                Yeah, I had a tool go from the live and onto the chassis. Sparks everywhere. Scared **** out of


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                  With the positive uncovered there is a risk of a short to the body.

                  With it uncovered and exposed to possible wet, there is more of a risk

                  I thought i saw a plastic panel on a pic of another Corsa that comes form under the scuttle plate to deflect water.

                  Will see if I can get that pic

                  I see the scuttle plate is cracked. Looks like someone tried to force the battery out at one point. I think you are suposed to remove the scuttle palte on these t get the battery out - maybe I am wrong


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                    On taking a second look I would do something about that negative lead. It appears to be touching the live lead,and goes quite close to the live terminal. You dont want them rubbing together and possibly damaging their insulation.


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                      The spring of youth

                      @ bugman - thanks. I wl hae a look and turn the clamp a bit to avoid the leads touching.

                      Just going back to the original problem with the door lock.

                      Today I stripped out the lock.

                      The blue arrow shows the mechanical connector o the door button (out of shot)

                      The red arrow shows the apprx location of where the spring (see next photo) should be mounted.

                      It seems that the metal in the spring had fatigued. It fell out of the lock whole and when I examined at it, it broke. If I look at it under the microscope, I can see the old area of metal where it had been broke for a while.

                      It would seem that this spring holds the connector (blue arrow) up. As it was failing/broken the weight of the button assembly and connector was enough to 'trip' the locking system (I have not yet taken the lock apart to see how exactly it works)

                      When I now test the lock and hold it upside down to simulate the button and connector assembly not putting weight on the 'trip' mechanism, the locking seems to work. Simulating actuating the handle does not cause the button to descend.

                      I think I have it figured out where the spring goes.
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                        I took the lock on a Corsa B apart and found a torsion spring in it. (right hand rear passenger door as it got less use than the drivers door)

                        It is a bit bigger in diameter and no of coils but seems to do the job. it just about fits in the assembly. The central locking now works perfectly (not built back in door yet)

                        even if it were a slightly stronger spring - the electric motor is only working the lock momentarily. I don't thnk there is any real risk of damage.

                        I will look at a local engineering supplies tomorrow to see if they have anything nearer the size of the original - otherwise the B spring is staying in it

                        I was told by a supplier that the springs on ebay for the Mercedes w164 may fit too - I dont have their diameter. They have more 3 or 4 coils so may not fit in the assembly either - don't know as I do not have them on front of me

                        Error page | eBay

                        I have not found springs on ebay to specfically fit the corsa or the lock, which is made by Kiekert

                        I can have the spring custom made at about GBP10

                        If anyone knows where I can get them 'off the shelf', let me know
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                          You're a better man than me.

                          When one of those went on mine I ...erm....just left it like that ....for years. Never did get round to fixing it.
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                            Originally posted by Taurus View Post
                            You're a better man than me.
                            High praise indeed! - thanks

                            The guy I bought it from was a smart ass. He never let the keys out of his hand and had the car open before I got to it so I did not get to notice the problem.

                            Still - got it worked out anyhow.

                            Here is what it looks like - the spring hits the bottom of the assmbly slightly. Thati s why the smaller one was in it.

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                              Microscopes. These are a few quid to replace:/ just buy a new one