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Corsa C 2005 CDTi 1.3 snapped alternator bolt

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C 2005 CDTi 1.3 snapped alternator bolt

    The top alternator bolt has snapped off in the cylinder head mount. There's about 10mm of the end of the bolt stuck in there with none of it sticking out.

    Don't know if there's anything to be done about this as very awkward on a diesel with the alternator mounts facing the dashboard.

    Could an option be taking off and replacing the alternator mounting plate that's fixed to the cylinder head? Is it a removable replaceable part? Cheers

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    On my 2010 1.3 cdti corsa D the top bolt passes through the alternator body and taps into a mounting plate. I appear to have enough room between the bracket and engine that I could drill out the broken stud and continue the plain hole right through the bracket,then use a nut behind it. Its a bit tight but on my car it looks like a nut will fit,with maybe a tiny bit ground off the side of the nut,or bracket. This might work on your car, but you would need to decide. You could then use a slightly longer bolt and nut, or threaded rod with nuts on each end.
    An alternative would be to drill into the broken stud and use a stud extractor. These screw in, grip the hole and in theory wind it out. Personally I have never had much luck with these. A cheap one might snap, leaving you with hardened tensile steel almost impossible to drill out.

    There is not much room to use a drill,but on the D at least it looks possible if you use a compact one, or a flexible drive or a 90 degree drill or adaptor.
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