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Oil level light coming on after driving

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Oil level light coming on after driving

    So the 1.8 engine is fitted.

    However, after around 5 miles of driving the oil level light comes on. If I turn car off and wait for it to cool it goes off again for another 4/5 miles.
    I've checked oil level, and I'm not losing any.

    I've not seen this light on a Corsa before, which is weird as I've had a few. I can change oil pressure sensor, as they're only cheap. I don't think it's going to solve anything though. This is for oil level, there is a sensor on front of the sump, which isn't plugged in as as far as I'm
    Aware it's only used on other cars that also have this engine fitted.

    I'm a bit lost, ideas?


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    An oil level indicator may have been part of the specification on the corsa in some countries but not the uk. The basic wiring etc may be present on all cars but lying dormant for those countries ,or trim levels ,not deemed worthy of such sophistication.

    Maybe your replacement loom has extra wiring or plug pins that has activated the system. But its not getting its expected response from the sensor.
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      Well at least your 'about to crash into a chunk of Toblerone' light is working properly.

      So long as the oil pressure light is working as it should then can you just disable the oil level light?
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        I suppose it's an option to bridge wires and disable it, but it's quite a handy light of works properly, so hoping to fix it.

        What I needs find out is; does that sensor get its reading using oil pressure? As when level drops so will pressure. Or does it have its own sensor elsewhere - I.e on the front of the sump


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          If it's the Z18XE they have a separate sensor - it has a big square black plastic mount with the wiring connection on it. I thought you'd said you had the sensor on the front of the sump but it wasn't plugged in?
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            It is the z18xe.
            I have the sensor on the front, same as c20xe engines do, but no wires coming from it, and nothing nearby at all to reach it