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After market cone air filter engine rattle

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] After market cone air filter engine rattle

    Hello everyone,I've just joined the site and could do with some help.I have just fitted a universal cone air filter to my 62 plate corsa and it is making a knocking/rattling noise when I accelerate mostly from 2nd gear upwards.I have put the standard filter back on and the noise has gone away,the air filter only takes 15mins to fit so I can't see what could cause the noise.
    Thanks for any help or ideas you can give me.

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    Without hearing the noise you can't say for sure but it sounds like the aftermarket filter is throwing the air-fuel mix out, ie too lean so it's pinking. Pre ignition caused by a lean mix causes a metallic rattle under load. It damages engines so if that is the case throw the filter in the bin and keep it standard.
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      Thanks very much, I have only had the car for about 4 months from a decent garage with low mileage (5k), I just wanted it to sound a little bit more meaner. Do you have any recommendations of manufactures that would be better as it was only a cheap one from halfords



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        Not often you hear cheap and halfords in the same sentence. there is normally more to it these days than just fitting a cone filter. especially a 'universal' one.
        Air flow needs to be closely matched to the engine. Better quality sports filters will closely match the original,with maybe a slight improvement in airflow,but not enough to affect engine management too much. This means any improvement in performance or change in engine noise is fairly small. Anything more and you are talking about re tuning the whole system really, engine management, exhaust etc. And you would need to tell your insurers.
        You are more likely to get a better 'sound' with a modified exhaust, but even these are not always predictable. Your hoped for roar may be more like a wasp in tin can. And you have to think seriously before modifying a nearly new car. Some improvements actually reduce its resale value and you may be saying goodbye to any warranty.The next owner may not share your enthusiasm for noise so mods need to be easily reversible. Less important with older cars where a nicely sorted car will find favour with like minded enthusiasts.A limited market with limited funds.
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