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3 years old ... now needs third timing chain

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 3 years old ... now needs third timing chain

    We bought our Corsa D in March 2013 ... by October 2014 it had to go back to have a new timing chain fitted under warranty, due to reasons that I will not go into, we had a big fall out with the dealer and have not wanted to set foot in the place again ... however now, 18 months later ... the timing chain has gone again, I am livid as we still have outstanding finance on the car and feel that there at the current rate it is likely to need a 4th timing chain before we eventually pay it off (yes ... I am being a tad sarcastic) ... I just wonder if any of you have experienced similar problems with this model, is it a known issue?

    After the hoo haah with the dealer, I serviced the vehicle myself from that day until now.

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    First thing is that the timing chain needs plenty of clean oil. I've run them for 100k changing the oil every 5k with a decent semi-synth with no problems. You also need to use genuine oil filters. Aftermarket versions can break up and clog the oil feed.

    Second thing is that aftermarket timing kits can be very poor quality. I've seen some stretch and rattle within 5 minutes of fitting. Only ever fit a genuine GM timing kit.

    So - is it a known issue? Yes & No. If there is an oil feed problem, or the wrong oil, wrong filter, extended service intervals - yes it happens. If an aftermarket kit is used then again - it is known that they don't last long.

    Generally though, the original chain, given regular maintenance, can usually last 100k no problem.

    Having said that - build quality from the D onwards isn't as consistent as before.
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