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  • [All Models] corsa locksmith help

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    I wouldnt 'call' a locksmith . Call outs are expensive and normally only used in an emergency to get you into the car,lost keys etc. An ordinary garage will probably be able to sort out a mechanical issue, unless you can find a locksmiths that specialises in autowork,and you can take the car to them .(even though they might have to do the repairs in the street outside their shop!) You should get a better price this way, as they know you are not (yet) desperate,can ask for an estimate,can still go elsewhere, and are not paying for travelling time etc. Call them to check if they can do the work this way,but dont be pressurised into paying for a mobile call out.
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      It's probably an electrical problem with the central locking activator. If it fails in the deadlock position then that's the kind of problem you get. The fun bit is getting at it when you can't open the door.
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        you gotta make sure that the problem is with the lock, before calling a locksmith


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          A 13 plate may still be under warranty, could be as simple as leaving it at the dealership for a day.