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Corsa C 2005 CDTi 1.3 Easytronic transmission fault

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C 2005 CDTi 1.3 Easytronic transmission fault

    Hi all,

    Alternator was faulty and replaced with a new alternator.
    Existing battery fully charged using a wall socket portable charger.
    Both jobs were done yesterday and five mile test drive was ok.

    Drove to work and back (12 miles) no problem today. When i got back from work, i remembered I had forgot to replace the plastic cover that sits over the positive clamp. So in error i took off the positive clamp (leaving the negative clamp on) and put the plastic cover back on.

    When I tried it a couple of hours later to go out, it turned over and "A" was flashing and when selecting manual setting it was stuck in fourth gear. Disconnected both battery clamps and left it for an hour and now it won't start and "F" is flashing. Checked battery and its fully charged

    Could I have blown a gearbox fuse or something when i took the positive clamp off then on and leaving the neg clamp on? Could taking the positive off and leaving the negative clamp on cause what has happened? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    The two most common causes of the flashing F are crank sensor and blown rear brake bulbs. Probably not so in this case since it seems to relate to work on the battery and alternator and they are very temperamental re voltages.

    When the ignition is live is it making any noises? Easiest way is to take a look at this Opel Corsa easytronic gearbox faults - YouTube , watch to the last bit.
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      OK it's fixed by leaving battery disconnected overnight which must have been long enough to clear the ECU. Thanks for that link Taurus which will be useful for reference


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        Leaving the battery off doesn't clear the ECU on those, it only works on the old 8v models from the early 90's. But with Easytronic it can clear the system if there's been a spike - they are fussy about voltages. Glad it's sorted.
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