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Low speed misfire

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Low speed misfire

    I have a 2000 1.2 16v Corsa, It's done just over 70k miles and the following morning after an uneventful 100 mile plus motorway run, it started to misfire at low speeds.
    It starts fine and if I press hard on the accelerator the engine revs freely.
    I changed the coil pack for another Bosch unit (second hand unit) - no change
    I changed the Crank case sensor (new intermotor part) - again no change
    Then I disconnected the MAF and found it made no difference to starting the car and when driving it made it only slightly worse at low speeds.
    I changed this for a new genuine Bosch part and replaced the spark plugs as well - still no change.
    I'm getting nowhere fast and given the cars age there's no on-board computer to indicate a fault code.
    Can anyone help???

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    It does have an ECU, they are fitted to all Corsas from 1994 onwards. Check the engine management light comes on with the ignition and goes off when the engine starts.

    It's worth checking the egr valve isn't sticking as they can cause a misfire. You've changed most of the usual suspects. If there is a code stored for a misfire on a particular cylinder you can swap the injectors round to see if the misfire follows an injector.
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