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Removing BCM 20005 1L energy twin port

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Removing BCM 20005 1L energy twin port

    Hi Guys,
    Im new to this!
    I have the water leak on both sides of my 2005 1L corsa
    I have removed seats and carpet. Brake servo has been removed to do the reseal, all good I hope, on the drivers side I wanted to remove the BCM as I have water coming in that side, I have removed the lid, have ordered a mastic non setting seal for this, do I need to seal around the BCM or will re- sealing lid do the trick? Any help with this will be appreciated.

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    Just the lid, the bcm is electronic, and plugs in!


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      Thank you Vegas,

      I know the BCM is electronic I wanted to know how the box it sits in can be removed, I took the 3 nuts off I could see but it doesn't come off,is it secured somewhere else I can't see.


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        It sits in some sort of plastic white casing, which comes out with the loom itself.

        The lid is held down with 6/7 t20 torx head screws