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Corsa C 1.2 sxi 06plate misfire p0300 p0301 p0304

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C 1.2 sxi 06plate misfire p0300 p0301 p0304

    Hi, Bought a 2006 corsa 'C' 1.2 sxi as a runaround 2 weeks ago, serviced car, car been running fine till a few days ago.
    Started misfiring in 3rd gear once engine was warm & EML came on, stopped car, started again then ran fine for a few miles then started misfiring again & EML on, stopped car , checked flash codes on dash -p300, p301, p304. Assuming the coil pack was playing up I fitted a new one along with a set of plugs last night, got 5 miles out the road and happened again, same codes again. Started car and fine again for a few miles.
    Any suggestions before I go to main dealer?


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    What's he actual error for those codes?

    I have no idea off top of my head


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      The p300 is Misfire unidentified cylinder detected B21, p301 is Cylinder 1 misfire & p304 is cylinder 4 misfire.


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        Coil pack needs replacing


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          Did you fit genuine part


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            If coilpack and plugs doesn't cure it then you might want to consider checking the compressions. But before you do that I've had a few of these throw random misfires and it's turned out to be the EGR valve. The thing is it doesn't throw a code for the EGR.

            Try switching off (& hope the EGR closes - ie it isn't totally stuck) then unplug the EGR and try driving it. You will get the EML on of course and it should throw an EGR fault code - but if it drives OK with the EGR disconnected then you know what the problem is.

            The other trick with a misfire on one cylinder is to swap the injectors round and see if the misfire follows the injector - but when I've had P0300, P0301 and P0304 it's been the EGR, for some reason you either get a random misfire or you get cylinders 1 & 4.
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              Hi, Thanks for getting back to me lads.
              The misfire was happening when the engine was hot, fine when cold.
              I fitted a Delphi coil pack & NGK plugs which I got from a reputable motor factors.
              Car ran ok for 3-4 miles then started missing again & throwing up the same 3 codes.
              Left it on Thursday night, started from yesterday from cold, drove 60 miles from my work to the garage I bought the car from & never missed a beat, ran perfect!!
              Tried stopping & starting a few times but still ran fine.
              The car is being checked out by garage at the moment, the mech told me he thinks it may be a software update issue with ECU which he will check with his diagnostic equipment and update if required, he's also going to check the EGR and injectors.
              I'm due to collect car later today if he's finished with it so I'll let you know how I get on.

              Thanks again for getting back to me, much appreciated


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                Hi, Just thought I would update on car.
                The garage had car most of Saturday, the Mechanic told me he initially cleared one misfire code, then updated ECU software then drove car for 30 mins (ran fine) checked all live data on egr, injectors etc. no issues detected. left car running for another hour in garage then road tested car again (all good).
                I picked up car, ran perfect all the 20 miles home then drove back to work last night 60 miles, also ran perfect.
                Hopefully that's the end of it. fingers crossed


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                  Sounds good - thanks for the update.
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                    Hi, Just thought I would update on my Corsa misfire.
                    Car ran fine for 2 weeks after garage had car to clear codes & update ECU software then decided when I was overtaking to go completely off a cylinder and throw on the EML again. Managed to stop in layby shut off engine, waited a few minutes & started engine, misfire was gone.
                    Drove straight to garage I bought car from & they told me they suspected and would replace the 4 injectors which they did, but looking at them when I got car back looks like they have fitted 2nd hand ones but had the car back nearly 2 weeks and its running sweet so hopefully that's the end of it.