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Rattle when going over bumps

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Rattle when going over bumps

    Hi i recently bought a corsa B 1.5 TD and did a front brake change. ive noticed when i go over bumps i can hear a rattle/knock only noticeable on the left side. Also the left disc has a line of rust that wont clear ive driven the car more than 1000 miles with the new pads and discs on but the rust wont clear. The right side is perfectly fine.

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    Did you put the metal clip back on properly on Caliper


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      Is the rattle / knock from the front or back? It could be the usual thing with the exhaust hitting the rear beam.

      A photo of the line of rust would help. Where is the line - if it's around the edge then the usual thing is that the pads aren't moving cleanly in the sliders. Corrosion or dirt can cause the pads to stick at one point which means they don't contact the disc in that area. Usually giving the assembly a really good clean and using a very very slight smear of copper compound does the trick.
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        I followed the tutorial on this site for replacing the brakes so i couldnt have gone wrong. Also i put copper grease on back of the pads. Im sure its not the exhaust because my brother said he could hear it from the front. When i got the car the left side disc was warped so thats why i decided to do a brake over haul.


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          do the carriers slide freely? - They shouldn't be 'sloppy', but must be able to slide.