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offside tyre wearing unevenly

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] offside tyre wearing unevenly

    hi all my offside front tyre is wearing excessively on inside edge can I just do a turn on the track rod to fix it and which way to turn the rod?

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    You need to get it done accurately. Can't guess things like tracking.


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      As above. If you want to do it yourself you need something like this Gunson G4008 Trakrite Wheel Alignment Gauge: Car & Motorbike

      Check also that there isn't anything obviously amiss with the suspension / steering. Jack it up and check both sides for free play. Also check that the suspension spring hasn't broken - a lot of them snap and that can cause problems.
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        Many tyre depots do free alignment and safety checks, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.They will almost certainly find the need for adjustment,however tiny and thats not free.But the cost of adjustment done accurately may save you the cost of having to replace a tyre if you get it wrong.Or worse still if you miss a major steering/suspension fault.
        But buy a fish and it feeds you for a day.Taurus's suggestion means you can catch fish for the rest of your life. If you are going to do this level of work its a good idea to buy a Haynes manual. Actually its a good idea to have one anyway.

        Incidentally inner wear on the offside means remedial action is probably required. But its not unusual for the outside edge of a front nearside tyre to wear slightly faster than same area on the offside tyre. Depends where and how you drive but maybe 0.5mm more wear over the life of the tyre does not necessarily indicate faulty tracking etc. It gets a harder life due to road camber, constant roundabouts , u turns etc. But more than this needs checking.
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          I just noticed the nearside tyre is also wearing on the inside edge thanks for repies will let you know how I get on


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            Just be aware that uneven tyre wear isn't always down to tracking.
            As has been said above, you need to make a careful inspection of all steering/suspension parts.
            Number one check should always be on the tyre pressures! - Simple, but correcting them has cured many a problem.
            As there are umpteen uneven tyre wear patterns, a picture might help to decide what is causing YOUR problem.
            A quick check to decide if the problem is down to tracking: (1) Run your hand across the tyre tread from outside to inside (2) Now do it from inside to outside - If it feels a bit like stroking a dog. i.e. stroke him from head to tail and his hair will lay down, stroke him from tail to head, and his hair will stand up. If there is a difference in feel when you 'stroke' your tyres, it probably indicates a tracking problem.
            Even if the problem IS due to tracking, you still need to find out WHY the tracking is 'out' - simply adjusting it without a proper check as above, could be masking a more serious problem.



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                Bet that wasn't cheap, glad it's sorted


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                  Hopefully that will sort it, but wary of National tyres when it comes to tracking. They offer a check for free and then always find it needs adjusting, for which they charge. I've know several cars go in with no signs of tyre wear, National then check the tracking and say it is out, they adjust it (and charge of course) - then the car starts wearing tyres out.

                  I reckon they create work and change the tracking on perfectly good cars which then causes tyres to wear unevenly. The only tyre chain I will use is Central - and strangely enough our local branch just won an award for honest advice and good service.
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