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Vauxhall Corsa S sudden loss of power?!?!

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  • [All Models] Vauxhall Corsa S sudden loss of power?!?!

    Hi! I have a 2010 Vauxhall corsa S ecoflex 1.0.
    only 29k miles, have owned the car for just over a year, no problems at all
    only covered 4k miles. However, a couple of days ago jumped into my car on my way out
    and noticed straight away she struggled to get up my slightly slanted drive way, kinda felt like I was in second gear and struggling however I was in first. Got her on the flat and the loss of power is instantly noticeable, also seems to be holding on to the revs as well, struggle to reach and hold 30mph on a hill. Took it to my local garage yesterday who after a couple hours of searching were unable to diagnose the problem as my engine management light has not come on therefore no fault shows on diagnostics. They replaced sparks but problem still persists. Have been told to wait for the problem to progress or the engine light to come on in order to diagnose.

    Any of you lovely people have an idea/suggestion, apologies if my description is appalling but will supply any info needed!

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    The Z10XEP engine is known to not always communicate with garage diagnostics, sometimes you need Vauxhall specific diagnostics to access the ECU. A cheap home based system is Opcom, software you run on a laptop and plug into the diagnostic port via the usb port. However there are times when no fault code is recorded because the system isn't foolproof.

    I am not sure what you mean by 'holding onto the revs'?

    One possibility is that the engine has gone into limp mode - but it doesn't sound like it from your description. They usually pull better than that even though they won't run as well as usual. But check that the engine management light is working - make sure it comes on with the ignition and goes out when the engine fires.

    If it's doing it from cold then it's probably not related to the coolant temp system. The thing that springs to mind is if the EGR valve has stuck open - sometimes they won't fire up at all if that's the case - it just depends how it's stuck. EGR faults don't always throw a code.

    The other possibility is a blocked exhaust - if for example the cat has collapsed internally then a blocked exhaust would cause similar symptoms.

    Check also the throttle operation - it is fly by wire with two potentiometers, one on the throttle pedal and the other on the throttle body. The pedal one usually gives more trouble for some reason. If that system was defective it would result in partial throttle operation and might also account for 'holding the revs' if I'm guessing right what that means. I think that's where I'd start first given the lack of any code or fault stored.
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      Evening Taurus, thanks for the quick reply.

      With regards to 'holding the revs' probably a bad way to put it but I've noticed since the problem started the revs take longer to come down once I've changed gear, so almost like its hanging for a second or so. Pedal
      to the floor and takes a while to build speed, so strange. Don't think it's in limp mode, garage seemed to think that there wasn't a significant problem when I dropped her off but after drive the car for over a year I know when something's not right. I'll check her over tomorrow but would like to think that the examination by the garage would have identified if it was something listed above, then again I could be wrong.

      Dude at the garage did say something about these model corsa's being known the get water in the EMS and being a costly repair so praying it's not that!

      Thanks again!


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        @Tarus, also forgot to mention the engine management light comes on when cold then goes off as normal when fired up.


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          I've been thinking about this - I don't work on many newer models and on the last D I had I noticed they they had at long last ditched the troublesome Mass Airflow Meter (MAF/AFM) and replaced it with the more reliable Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor (MAP). But it seems the 1.0 engine may still use the older MAF - in which case they are notorious for causing problems and don't always throw a code.

          Check which yours has - if it has the MAF you will see it inline of the intake trunking running from the air filter to the throttle body (the MAP is integral to the throttle body). If it has a MAF it is the first thing I would have expected the garage to check (and the first thing I should have mentioned - but I assumed yours was a MAP system ).

          Very easy to check - just pull the plug off it. That will force the engine into a default setting (limp mode) but it ought to run better than it is at the moment. If it is that then you need a genuine replacement, not an ebay aftermarket version. Try Autovaux or Vauxhall World Parts. You can drive the car with it disconnected in the meantime, it will run OK, just not a peak performance/economy.

          Keep in touch with what you find.
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