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  • [Non Corsa] power problem

    hi all

    i have a vauxhall zafira 2.0 dti 02 reg 113k miles

    i bought the car and it had the error p0400 so i took the EGR off inlet and found the inlet manifold was crack bad, after replacing the inlet manifold cleaned the trottle body,the valves (under the inlet manifold) and the EGR valve and put it all back together started it up and now no error's (used a OPcom reader to check for error's). so took the car round the block the car feels like there is no power in 2nd gear foot to the floor it will only do 25 MPH or in any gear, i have no clue what to look at to try and fix this as no error codes.

    oh in the middle display on the dash it says check brake pads the 2 sensors are broke i have new ones but i need to get the new pads to use them. i did not think this would affect it, but im still learning

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    The car may have gone into 'limp mode' . Ie it thinks there is a serious problem and gives just enough power to limp to the garage. I believe some brake faults such as ABS can trigger this. But I dont know if brake wear sensors are one of them. But I would have thought there would be an error code.


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      Following on from Bugman's point (above) - if the ECU was put into limp mode by the original problem then in theory now it is fixed it ought to run OK. The ECU should ignore the original fault code. However, from experience theory isn't always how it happens. Old codes can cause the ECU to fail to run according to the engine's current condition. So we need to know if you have cleared the ECU of all old codes. (There won't be any present as new codes but there may be old codes still in there.)

      P0400 is one of the codes I have found to cause the ECU to misbehave until it is manually deleted from the ECU.

      Brake pad sensors shouldn't affect the engine.

      Is there any chance of a blockage in the exhaust? That nobbles them good style.
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        i cleared that code after i did the work then check after starting the car and taking it around the block there was no code's showing, is there a way to check that there is no old code's being stored with a opcom im a little noobie when it come to using it.

        i did not think the brake sensor would affect the engine.

        ive not looked at the exhaust yet, would it be a good idea to take it off and apart to check it?


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          If you cleared the codes with opcom then there shouldn't be anything to affect the ECU - just wanted to check as people often assume old codes don't matter. Opcom will show you current and old codes on the same screen so if it's clear then there are none in the ECU.

          If you can detach the exhaust at the manifold and run a blast of air through it that ought to give you an idea how freely it is flowing.
          1972 Viva restoration thread -