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OBD2 plug fell under the heating controls

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] OBD2 plug fell under the heating controls


    I'd like to ask for your help in a very lame issue. I wanted to connect an obd2 bluetooth plug, but somehow I managed to miss the socket, and the plug fell somewhere behind the heating control, near the OBD2 socket. (I have a Corsa D.)

    My questions: 1. how could I take it out? 2. Can it cause any problem if I leave it there?

    Thanks a lot, and sorry for the stupid question

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    You will need to dismantle the console to get at it - I had to do something similar a while back when I dropped a socket down there. Chances are it won't do any harm if you leave it there - it has mostly likely lodged somewhere so unless you see an immediate problem it's unlikely to do much. I once managed to drop a whole jam jar full of 10p pieces into a dashboard of a van and they rattled about it.
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      If it has enough iron in it to be magnetic you could try ' magnet fishing' for it by using a strong magnet on a flexible stalk. A bit of curtain wire maybe. You can buy tools like this but it may not be flexible enough. A small neodymium magnet can lift quite a large item as long as its not trapped. I dont think the magnetism would harm the electronics. But you may need to weigh up the cost if you need to buy a magnet. They are quite expensive in Maplins but much cheaper on line.


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        Thank you very much for your answers! I think I'll just leave it there as it doesn't seem to cause problem right now. And next time I try to be a little bit more careful.