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Battery Drain Corsa c 1.4 Exclusiv 2005

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Battery Drain Corsa c 1.4 Exclusiv 2005

    Every couple of days I have a problem with insufficent power to start the car. Alarm siren goes off and have to use a jump pack to start .
    The battery has been replaced the altenator shows 14.4 volts so is charging the battery I have put a test meter across the negative this shows a drain of 0.1 of an amp with doors shut. I have removed fuse to courtesy lighting for a week but this made no difference.

    Any Ideas as to what is wrong

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    Connect your multimeter as before to read the current flowing when everything is off, then remove the fuses one by one until you find the circuit where the drain it. Then it's a case of checking everything on that circuit. The last one I had was the boot light staying on which you can't see of course.
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      0.1 Amps (100mA) is not a lot and would take a while to flatten the battery. I would expect a (say) 5 Watt light bulb to draw closer to 0.5 amps (about 0.42A)
      Did you change the battery to overcome this problem? There is a possibility that your new battery has a fault. Suggest that (if you can manage without the car for a couple of days) you disconnect the battery, leave it to stand for at least two days, re-connect it and see what happens. If the battery won't start the car then, it most likely has a problem.