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Random misfire, removed ing. coil, batter off, now random fault codes and no start

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Random misfire, removed ing. coil, batter off, now random fault codes and no start

    Hi all,

    Just after a bit of help please.

    06 1.2 ecotec engine.

    It wouldn't start the other day - this has happened randomly twice before in the last year, a jump start got it going and all was fine.
    Yesterday I push started it due to having no lead, it was quite a viscous jolt.
    Got it on a ramp and sprayed WD40around starter and solenoidin anticipation of replacing it (the original non start was the solenoidrelated I think)
    Car started fine and ran, did 1 mile and engine light started flashing, revs dropped and the car was rough!
    Managed to limp it home and checked the code via pedal test.
    P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303.
    Having searched around here I took the ignition coiloff and plug out, checked the plugs, seemed okay, no visual damage.
    The coil packshowing signs or rust on the two exposed metal parts to no. 2 and 3.
    Disconnected the batteryto clear the fault codes.
    Put it all back together, pedal test shows P0220 and P0141 (O2 sensorand throttle pedalposition)
    Tried to start just 1 turn and then rapid clicking.

    Tried to push start, turn once or twice but then nothing.
    Tried a few times and nothing worked.

    Had to push it back up the hill to my drive, horn started going off and hazards looked like they were trying to flash (guessing alarm/imob.)

    So, car is sat on the drive, dead. lol

    I am confused how the new two fault codes have appeared and why this may be.

    Has anyone got any pointers or ideas to throw in please?

    Much appreciated.

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    Firstly disconnecting the battery doesn't clear the codes, you need diagnostic kit to do that.

    Next thing, check the state of your battery. The clicking suggests it could be low on chgarge. Not unknown for random fault codes if the system voltage drops.
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      Hi sorry I did not realise that would not remove the fault codes.


      Well I jumped it with leads today and it fired up straight away.
      (interestingly though, negative to the engine block did nothing, negative to the battery started it.....bad earth?)
      Sat onthe drive running for 40min no problem.

      Multimeter was reading a solid 13.4 volt across the batter.

      Drove it for 1 mile, and its went rough and misfiring.
      Switched off, left it for a min, and it started fine again, drove for 20 seconds, roungh again, off for a min, started fine and ran fine with full power for 4mins, then rough again.

      It started throwing up all sorts of errors after this, ones was P1616 and I think one about canbus

      I am wondering if this is an electrical or mechanical fault.
      All this started from a push start. prior to that it was fine.

      Any ideas?


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        First thing I'd do is to clear those codes. Theory is that redundant codes won't affect running - but I've known some cases where they do. You'll need diagnostic kit to do it but there's plenty available cheap. If you've got a laptop get opcom.

        Next trick is to drive it with the diagnostics reading live data, watch what glitches when the misfire kicks in.

        Obviously check all service items are good.
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          Ive got a cheap obII bluetooth plugin but it said it couldn't read car ecu. Would that be just the wrong tech for the corsa or could it be a fault with the obII port?


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            No way of knowing. Bluetooth plugins are notoriously unpredictable.
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              Think you may have hit it on the head with the corroded coil pack. Try coil pack and plugs and see if it improves. Coil packs are not the cheapest things in the world but i would say the most common cause of misfires, especially since you mentioned the corrosion on it. Should be able to pick one up at any vauxhall dealership.


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                I have ordered a 2nd hand coil pack, will try it tomorrow.

                It would'nt start tonight sounded very sluggish, turn 3 times then 3 times then just fast clicking.

                Put the battery on charge and it came up at 90% straight away.

                Something must of been draining the batter overnight though?


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                  Charge the battery overnight, then leave it for a day, then check the battery voltage using a multimeter. Either there is a drain on the battery (see below) - or the battery isn't holding charge. An old battery with a failing cell will do what you are describing.

                  The fast clicking is almost certainly low battery charge.

                  To test for a drain - disconnect the negative battery terminal and put a multimeter between the battery post and the negative clamp. Set it to read current. There is usually a very small current flowing - a few Ma - but that's all. Anything significant and you've got a drain somewhere. In which case pull fuses one by one until the drain stops, then you know which circuit it's on.
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                    IF the battery is dud, would that cause the mis-fire, or are these just two co-incidental faults?


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                      Once started the engine runs off power from the alternator, but a dying battery can cause some odd symptoms. Do one thing at a time. It's worth fitting the spare coil pack you've ordered as that's always worth checking with a misfire, but the starting issue seems to suggest the battery needs checking.
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                        Only advice i would give with that is make sure you know why it was taken off the car, its not a service item so it is only really removed when it is faulty so just be sure you don't end up with another faulty one. The battery drain is a bit harder, it doesn't take much of a voltage drop to stop it starting so it could still be the battery coming to the end of its life combined with the cold weather. See if somewhere can do a battery health check, its a small machine that prints a little receipt telling you how good the battery is. If it's a good battery you may need proffessional help as a small drain can be a real pain to track down even for a veteran technician.


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                          Yeah point taken about the 2nd coil.

                          Battery is on charge, will check results in morning, put it on, do a drop test and leak test to starter etc.
                          If it starts and all that comes back fine and it misfires again I'll swap the coil.

                          We had our hands around the starter so will make that my first port of call for the earthing cable.

                          Hopefully I've just knocked a sensor off or something

                          Cheers for the help gents, I'll post results tomorrow.


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                            Well the battery said fully charged this morning. Popped it on.
                            Started fine.
                            Noticed I've got a lot of gunk on the oil cap. Cleaned that away.
                            Topped oil up.
                            Wiggled all connections I could find.
                            Checked earths, not sure about the started motor one as in picture. Doesn't look great does it.
                            Anyway. Changed the coil pack.
                            Just been on a 15mile drive , slow fast hills start stop etc and touch wood it seems fine.
                            Cleared all codes and rescan with zero errors.
                            So guess I'm just going to drive it with a niggle in my mind for the next few weeks lol
                            Think I might throw a new battery on it too just for good measure.

                            Thanks for the help and info gents.


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                              Check the battery after it's been on for a while. A failing battery will take a charge and hold it for a while - but it won't hold it for as long as it should.

                              Gunk in the oil cap is usually just condensation. Just keep an eye on coolant and oil levels.
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