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Opel corsa c sedan 1.6 2006

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Opel corsa c sedan 1.6 2006

    Hi- two questions pls-1st my corsa has a tendancy of a rev slow return- wht courses it and how to rectify it?

    2nd- i need to put 14 inch alloy wheel rim on the same car-whats da write offset so the rim wont sit far in or stick a lot out- want it to be in line with the arch of the car or stick out a less than 5cm out

    Pls help i need to get it rite

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    The Corsa C normally has an off set (E/T) of 49 . The 2006 Corsa D has an offset of 39 . However you describe your car as a 1.6 sedan which suggests its not european specification.If it was assembled in port elizabeth SA for instance it might share engine,wheels, hubs ,brakes etc with the astra,or corsa D parts on a C body shell. It could be a whole new ball game. You may need to double check. If you have original steel wheels you may find the size and et stamped on them somewhere.
    The following link gives a lot of information.
    Rim & Tire Size Calculator. Custom Offsets -

    I cant help with the engine problem
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      Thanks man really appreciated-always been great help


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        Sorry you may have missed my edit on the wheels,but its only clarification