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06 corsa 1.4 engine trouble

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  • [All Models] 06 corsa 1.4 engine trouble

    Hi everyone,just after some help if possible,my corsa needed the timing chain replacing so i did that,but now my spanner light is on and im getting code p0100 mass or volume air flow a circuit,p0340 camshaft position sensor a circuit bank 1 or single sensor and p1405 exhaust gas recirculation system valve 3.the cars running ok but when i change the maf air flow meter the code resets but the car runs really rough.have also changed the camshaft sensor but the code doesnt reset.the car isnt in limp mode...any help really appreciated.

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    There are a number of things there, possibly interconnected, possibly not, so you have to resolve them one at a time.

    Firstly - P0340 following a timing chain replacement is usually due to the timing being slightly out. When you set the phase disc on the inlet camshaft (ie the one that the camshaft sensor picks up) you need to rotate the engine several times by hand to make sure the timing stays spot on. If it slips slightly then the ECU sees the camshaft sensor out of sync with the crankshaft sensor and assumes the camshaft sensor is wrong. So you it throws P0340. Usually redoing the timing solves it.

    MAF / AFM - is it a genuine Bosch one? Aftermarket ones are notorious for causing problems.

    P1405 - not sure what you mean by valve 3? The EGR is a single valve, unless you mean you've also got a misfire code for cylinder 3?

    The circuit bank 1 - again, what code are you referring to? That sounds like a Lambda code which I'd ignore for the time being because it's probably due to one of the other issues throwing the exhaust gases out of parameter.

    Double check the timing first.
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      Hi,when i changed the timing i locked both camshafts with a straightbar tool ,locked the crankshaft with a locking pin and locked the sensor pick up plate with a locking tool.fitted the chain and gears plus tensioner.removed all locking tools turned the engine on the crank at least 10 times then refitted all locking tools without a problem .. but still getting camshaft sensor fault.have i missed anything.


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        Was it a genuine GM timing chain kit? I've seen aftermarket chains stretch in the first 15 minutes of running - enough to throw the timing out.
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