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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Best brake pads and DRL

    I am planning to change the brakes pad on my Corsa D 1.4 (non turbo, 90HP).

    What is the best option ? Does the "more" premium aftermarkets make any difference than stock pads ?

    Furthermore, what is the best way to add DRL to D model ?

    Thank for your time!

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    Brake pads can vary quite a lot. Don't buy them from Euro Car Parts as many of their supposedly decent branded ones are really brand names they bought up and now stick cheap imported pads into the boxes.

    I fit Delphi pads which are often what Vauxhall fit anyway - though many Vauxhall stock pads tend to run very dusty and the Delphi ones are much cleaner.

    I wouldn't bother fitting DRLs - they are for muppets. If you fit aftermarket ones it makes you look like a wannabe Audi driver. If your concerned about being seen in low light put your headlights on. Personally I think DRLs should be banned because they are a danger to cyclists, motorcylists and pedestrians. If drivers rely on DRLs to see a car coming in broad daylight they need to learn to look again and use their eyes and mirrors more. If you buy a car that has them fitted you don't have a lot of choice other than disabling them - but to fit them to a car as an accessory is one step worse than installing eyelashes on the headlights.
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      If by "more" you mean sports and competition pads then yes they do make a difference.But there is often a trade off. They may wear much quicker, may have poor performance when cold, but a bit better and less fade when hot,give a different 'feel'.etc. Competition pads can be so extreme they are unsuitable for road use.
      Personally I would stick to stock pads from a top quality oem manufacturer. They should be plenty unless you are considering track days etc. But then I am old school and believe exceeding your brakes on the road means you should have been driving better (not necessarily slower) and braking less.

      I cant help with DRL but would be interested in any results. I looked into it briefly a while ago,but the angles on the front of D are quite severe. There were some custom built replacement fog light panels but these were expensive.And there may have been after market replacement headlight units, but I'm not sure. But I do agree about muppets. I only looked because daytime headlights or drl's are compulsory in Bulgaria and its a pain remembering to turn headlights on.


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        Well, i am not a racer or something like that. I am searching the best pads regarding the performance that fitted on stock calipers. Not a racing ones.

        Regarding the wear, the car makes very few kilometers, so it wouldn't be a problem. And for cold, here in Greece, it is very rare that the temperature fall under 0. Even 5.

        Any good online shop ? I didn't know that about Euro Car Parts. Much appreciated info @Taurus!


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          Go to Autovaux - only snag is their website is useless so it's best to ring them.

          Or Vauxhall World Parts - their website is better.

          Both only sell good quality stuff.
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            By poor cold performance I dont mean the relatively small variations due to weather.They are 'cold' even if its plus 40c. Brakes can get VERY hot in use.Sometimes even red hot. Well over 500 degrees centigrade. Pads that work well at these temperatures do less well at relatively low brake temperatures.Most of the time in normal driving,on motorways etc,your brakes will remain fairly cold .
            If you live in Greece and regularly drive fast through the mountains sports pads may be worth investigating. They may be less likely to fade if brakes get very hot on long downhill descents yet do well enough the rest of the time.


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              Thank for your answers. Much appreciated!

              If you have any suggestions (Brand, model etc) i would be grateful.


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                I cant recommend a particular brand or type. Do some research .You will soon identify those brands that are still well respected.Some may not be famous names in some countries.Check out their web sites and independent reviews.Not just retailers web sites.Chose one that is OEM quality. That is they supply pads (and not just spark plugs ,filters etc) as original equipment to car makers -doesnt have to be opel/vauxhall. The big manufacturers like EBC usually have various grades of pad,standard, ceramic,and several grades of sports/competition.Be realistic about the type that suits your needs. Dont just go for the ones offering the best race track performance.Good quality standard pads will probably suit you fine.Or an mild upgrade to ceramic or mild sports.


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                  What's the "best" brake pads brand in your opinion ?

                  Ferodo, EBC, Brembo, ATE, Pagid, Textar or ?

                  Should i get Ferodo DS or EBC Greenstuff ?


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                    Ferodo have been around for years.I have created more than my fair share of 'eau de ferodo' in my time.
                    But Of the two you specified I would chose EBC greenstuff. Based solely on their web sites.I have never used either. EBC give a wide range of choices and are very up front about the advantages and disadvantages of each,for different vehicle types and use.I like that. Of their range greenstuff is probably the best choice for you. The Ferodo site is more "We are old and the best.This is our pad for tuned cars".No mention of any disadvantages although it must have them. Which colour 'stuffs' is it most like?


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                      Avoid Pagid, iirc it's one of the names sold off so you're getting components from an unknown source in the box.

                      As said above - Delphi
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