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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Den

    I have a 2000 1ltr 12 valve which runs fine for days and then stops for no reason no engine light comes on if you sit and wait for say 10 mins starts and runs ok again for days any ideas would be nice.

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    No ideas mate, but you need to rename the thread title to something more descriptive. It'll attract more attention
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      Very little to go on but I'll bet that's the crankshaft sensor going. Cheap and easy to fix, just need to get underneath it as the sensor is on the back of the engine just above the inner end of the right hand driveshaft.

      They are a coil magnet and if there's a break in the coil the circuit breaks as it gets hot, this switches off the fuel supply until about 10 minutes later when it's cooled down again. They can be intermittent and they don't throw a code because all the ECU sees is that the engine isn't turning.

      I've got a few lying around as they are a common failure - any good factors will have one, no need to go to a main agent.
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        If it's anything like due for a FULL service, ( or you have bought some dirty petrol) the petrol filter could be partially blocked.