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The dreaded F on dash

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] The dreaded F on dash

    Hi guys can anyone help
    2006 1.3 d corsa d
    Over last month hard to pull away as revs are low but once you get going it's ok
    When stopped to do shopping came out and wouldn't start after getting towed it give out a big bleep and reset itself and started and drove
    Now it has a F on dash and won't strt at all seems dead any ideas appreciated

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    I take it this is an auto transmission - the F can be quite simple/cheap or complicated/expensive. Get the engine fault codes read to check what else is recorded in the ECU memory.

    A common fault is the crankshaft sensor fails, the reason it throws the transmission out is because the transmission ECU needs to know engine rpm and if the crank sensor fails it can't do that.

    They can also fail when one of the rear brake bulbs fail - probably not in this case from the description but worth checking.

    Another cause has been the switch that prevents you starting in gear, it sticks and cuts out the starting circuits.

    If it's an internal fault in the transmission, eg the actuator, then it gets expensive.
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      Thanks for reply taurus sorry just seen it .it's not an auto 1.3 diesel manual
      We've managed to solve problem after a big hunt at the scrappy we replaced the ecu kit (bcm ecu clocks and key with ignition and transponder
      Now runs a dream
      If you get this problem you need to match up your engine code to get correct ecu kit
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