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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Coolant

    I must admit i dont check it that often but have realized that my coolant seems to be lower than normal.

    Normally its upto the middle of the tank but it seems to be a good half inch under that normal mark.

    I have no warning lights on and cant seem to see anything wet under bonnet or under car when its moved from being parked

    Do i need to take it to a garage to have it topped up and checked or can i just top it up myself?

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    It is usual for the coolant level to drop slightly in cold weather so that may be the cause. I'd keep an eye on it and see if it stays at that level or if it continues to go down.

    You can buy premixed coolant top up from any motor factors or even supermarkets. Just make sure you get the same type as is currently in your car. Most modern cars will come with red coolant so just buy the same. Personally if you're just topping up a little I'd use neat antifreeze rather than the mixed type.

    Red coolant need changing every 5 years - to make sure its anti-corrosion properties are kept up to strength.
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      OK thanks I'm a real girl when it comes to cars and did quick internet search and then freaked self out that had to drain it all and that had to be certain stuff so was like I'm scared now and have no idea hat I'm doing lol

      The temperature here has dropped a lot in last few days so i may keep eye on it and go from there just worried as doing a long drive in about 2 weeks and dont want problems on motorway


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        Just keep an eye on it over a week or so. If it goes down significantly you may need to get a mechanic check it anyway . If it just needs a slight top up there is no need to drain the system. If your existing fluid is red ,buy red. If its Blue/green buy that. Dont be tempted to top up just using water. You will normally find a fill line moulded into the header tank. As you say its normally about half way down . Its not difficult but just be careful not to remove the cap while the car is hot. It is pressurised and may spray boiling coolant on you. Its best to wait until the car is cold.

        If its just down by half an inch and goes no further there may be no need to do anything. Just check it regularly,which you should do anyway
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