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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] not starting need help

    Vauxhall Corsa D 1.2 petrol 2008 January

    This morning i drove to work..after 2 miles the car lost the power.. so i stopped..turned off the car and tried to start again... the battery was dead..wasnt even spinning. Tried to jump start from other car..didnt worked. Was spinning and thats it. You can see in the videos below.
    I changed those parts:
    bought second hand battery
    coil pack
    spark plugs
    camshat sensor (because it showed up in the scanner -> picture below)

    Here is the videos:

    - YouTube

    Really hope if someone could help with any ideas...

    sorry if wrong section..i dont know if its mechanical or electrical fault..

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    Why on earth would you buy a second hand battery? They're so cheap now, and come with pretty long warranty's too!!

    Will have to watch links when home, as on phone at moment.

    Did you notice any battery light on speedo before you stopped?
    The battery you got, is it charged?
    Have you checked the drive belt?


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      Can't see the photos or video from here. But check if there is fuel present at the rail. A common failure is the crankshaft sensor which will cut off the fuel supply. Often happens after a couple of miles when it warms up. You can get a camshaft code because the ECU expects to see the cam sensor and the crank sensor working in sequence. If the crankshaft sensor fails it just sees the cam sensor out of sequence.
      1972 Viva restoration thread -


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        I cant get your links to work other than pasting them into google. I will try inserting them on this reply to see if that works. Sorry they didnt help me much.

        - YouTube

        Edit. Yes that seems to work . I inserted the links by clicking the earth with 'binoculars' symbol at the top of the message field and pasting the link into the pop up