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Corsa B engine into Corsa C

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa B engine into Corsa C

    Hi and Happy New Year to all.

    Apologies if asked before - If placing a 1.0 Corsa B x10xe engine into a Corsa C (which originally had a 1.0 litre in it), will it fit in all regards?

    I know that the ECU has to be swapped, the throttle body and that the C alternator has possibly more output in amps than the B alternator

    Is there anything else, I should know about?

    Are the engine mountings the same?

    Is the interface engine to Gearbox the same? (it is a manual GB in the C)


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    Which year C - to be on the safe side. But usually the answer is yes - there are a number of parts from the Z engine you need to swap over but it's do-able.
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      Thanks. It was a 2001 but the opportunity has passed.

      Still good to know what needs done - head is the same if Corsa C to Sept 2003. Alternator may nee changing, throttle is electronic on C, ECU.

      I got a look at one of th engine munts (left from front) and the right hand side of the mount (where it interfaces the engiine) looks the same.

      anyting else needs to be changed