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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa d clutch

    I've fitted a clutch on a corsa d 1.3 diesel eco flex! It had solid flywheel fitted, so just replaced clutch plate and pressure plate and csc! When bleeding clutch it popped csc! Fitted another one that looks exactly the same as the original, one second atempt at bleeding clutch, think it's popped this one as fluid leaking from bell housing, and also broken the valve thing in clutch fluid line! Any ideas!

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    What do you mean by 'popped' exactly?

    You are bound to have fluid everywhere from what I understand.


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      Popped as in blown seal out of csc, not excess fluid from bleeding clutch!


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        are the seal placed in the wrong way around?

        Are you bleeding with excessive pressure or something??


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          I can only think that the piston has mover out of the cylinder too far.
          Possible causes:
          Wrong slave cylinder.
          Wrong cover assembly.
          Wrong driven plate.
          As the bleed screw is remote from the actual cylinder, the general problem is that you don't get all of the air out of the system, resulting in a 'spongy' pedal - this would NOT cause the problem that you describe, but if you do ever experience this problem, there are two possible solutions (1) The official method - Use Vauxhall equipment to 'back bleed' the system. (2) The 'back yard' method - Prime your new slave cylinder with clean fluid BEFORE you fit it - then bleed in the 'conventional' manner.