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Car doesn't want to move off

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Car doesn't want to move off

    Hi , I've got a 09 diesel corsa , this evening when moving off my car didn't want to go , foot was on clutch and the car just didn't want to move off , the revs went down , it moved a little bit then when I tried to reverse it did the same , I tried to move off 5 times and then the last time the car revered and it moved off , could anyone please give me an idea of what's happening to my car , it has 114k miles on the clock and I've had it for 2 years ,
    many thanks

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    One possibility is the handbrake was jammed on. Sometimes ,even though you have released the brake lever the brake shoes,adjusters and bits within the brake drums can remain stuck in the 'on' position.In effect you are trying to drive off with the handbrake still on. When you shuffled back and forwards a couple of time they eventually unjammed and you were good to go . Sometimes there is a bit of a bang and the car is suddenly free. It happened to me once with a 2010 corsa diesel,left for a long period with the handbrake hard on. It can be caused by ice forming, or simply the brakes need a bit of a service to remove rust,and crud from moving linkages. Worth doing anyway if it hasnt been done recently.
    There may be other causes
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      The above reply sounds reasonable to me.
      Has there been any other symptoms like noises for example that you don't normally hear?