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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] X14XE Head removal

    Hello. I'm new, so forgive me if this has been asked before. My wifes 53 plate X1.4XE engine (16 valve) has snapped the cambelt, just 14000 miles after we had a new belt kit, and water pump fitted, annoying to say the least. I need to remove, and inspect the head, as it will no doubt need some new valves, and probably guides. Then I can decide what to do next. My question is this.. does it need any special tools to remove the head ? The Haynes manual says it does, but they've been wrong before. I know I'll have to get the timing marks aligned when reassembling the head, but I've seen some helpful diagrams, so hopefully special tools won't be needed for that part. Thanks in advance for your help.
    One more thing.. I've a hunch the water pump seized, causing the belt to snap, but if it spins freely, is there anything else that could have caused it to snap so soon ? I don't want to reassemble the engine, only to find it's something in the bottom end that has gone!

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    Welcome to the Forum.
    Being a bit of a 'belt and braces' type, I tend to use only genuine items for things like timing belts/chains (also engine sensors) - It isn't always a case of paying through the nose either, so it is well worth checking the prices as compared to those of parts supplied by the local factor - try Aoutovaux on-line, they are competitive on most items.
    I would be tempted to remove and check the water pump, rather than just give it a spin, as it is possible that (a) It has shed impeller blade(s) or (b) there is a 'forigein body' in there.
    I would recommend that you use new cylinder head bolts, but as for 'special' tools, I can only think of an angle tightening gauge which is a help in getting the tightening angles correct - as with most things, avoid the cheap and nasty ones.
    If there is any damage near to the edge of the piston crown(s) I would be tempted to remove the piston(s) in order to check for damage to the top ring groove.



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      As above re. the process and recommendation about Autovaux as a source of good quality parts.

      Why it snapped - possibly a faulty belt. But check there's nothing contaminating the belt or rubbing it. The other trick of these is snapping a camshaft - that'll pop the belt as well!
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        A reasonably accurate torque wrench for tightening the head bolts.

        Usually new head bolts.

        Unbolt gradually and spirally from outside into centre - bolt gradually spirally centre to outside - see Haynes manual for exact procedure.

        Read and understand well before starting

        Clean out the head bolt holes thoroughly of dirt and or fluids.