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Can I tow a Corsa with an easytronic gearbox?

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  • Can I tow a Corsa with an easytronic gearbox?

    My Corsa (Diesel semi automatic) has broken down and I want to tow it to a mechanic. It has semi automatic gears. Is "Easytronic" the right name or "tiptronic"? Anyway the question that I am getting conflicting answers to is, Can I tow it with all its wheels on the ground behind my other car? One answer person says yes as the gearbox is essentially a manual box with auto changing and auto clutch so treat as a manual car fro towing. The other answer is no, as it has lubrication or other dangers due to it being "Auto" box.
    Any one have an absolute answer from an owners handbook or something?
    The fault by the way is probably the clutch actuator has gone.

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    Depending on the year/model the handbook advice varies slightly. In general the advice for them is to tow with the car facing forwards, not to exceed 50mph and no further than 60 miles.

    If the clutch actuator is suspect first of all check the crankshaft sensor and they are a common failure. If the ECU can't see engine speed the gearbox electronics won't operate. If it is the crankshaft sensor it's a cheap fix. If it's the actuator it's going to be expensive.
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      If you dont have a handbook you can download it free as a pdf direct from vauxhall. The following link may be for your car.If its not they do have others.
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