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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Live data


    I have been having problems with surging and dropping rpm at about 2000-2500 rpm. I recently done some live data on my car, however I am pretty new to this car maintenance and looking to learn. Could tell me if they notice any obvious fault with my live data as fallows:

    fuel system status bank 1. CL, using HO2S
    calculated load. 23.5%
    s.t fuel trim. -.2.4
    l.t fuel trim. -5.5
    intake map. 36 kpa
    engine speed. 744rpm
    vehicle speed. 0.0 mph
    Ignition timing. 5.0
    intake air temp. 20c
    throttle position. 11.5%
    O2S Location. O2S11
    O2S B1,S1. 0.105v
    O2S B1,S1.STF -0.0%
    O2S B1,S2. 0.755v
    O2S B1,S2. STF. 99.2%
    commanded EGR. 0.0%
    EGR error. 100.0
    commanded evaporative purge. 10.2%
    fuel level input. 98.4%
    barometic pressure. 110 kpa

    any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.


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    What car/engine and which diagnostics are you using?

    A snapshot isn't always telling you what's going on - you really need to watch the live data and see how figures respond as the engine is given throttle and warms up. Is it surging at constant light throttle settings or under load?
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      1.4 2007 z14xep
      it does it at light throttle, they when I'm trying to keep the revs constant to maintain a certain speed.

      thanks for quick reply