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High Pitch Squeel!?

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] High Pitch Squeel!?

    Hey guys, New here also new to the Corsa scene

    So i have a little question about my 1.3 CDTi Corsa D.

    I was out driving yesterday afternoon for a while, I come home & put my car in the garage, Just before i lock it & shut the garage door I hear a loud high pitch squeel coming from the back passanger side, After 30 secs the noise stopped?

    This morning I go to my car for work, I unlock the car & another noise became apparant from the back passanger side, I can only describe it as having a wet tire, & a hole been in the tire witht he air rushing out?

    Saw a few posts via google saying it is the water pump?
    **Please note, The car was not running for both noises,

    Any help would be massively appreciated,
    Thanks in advance!
    Thomas Potter

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    As you found on Google, a high pitched squeal is often caused by the water pump or more often by a slipping drive belt.

    However, in this case I'd bet it's something to do with either the handbrake mechanism or the rear suspension. Very small amounts of movement, such as when you get out of the car, can cause this kind of noise if the handbrake was engaged but not quite fully on. You'd have to hear it to know for sure, but brakes/suspension can make that kind of noise if they are moving very slightly and slowly.
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      Could it be the fuel tank venting? Just an idea.Normally,as fuel is sucked out of the fuel tank,its replaced by venting air in, otherwise a vacuum is created within the tank. This can be quite powerful, enough to collapse the tank inwards in extreme cases.Like sucking on a sports drink bottle.If the air vent is blocked the vacuum will try and suck air in wherever it can ,such as the filler neck, and this might cause strange noises. Next time you get the noise try quickly removing your fuel filler cap. If the noise stops immediately, or you get sucking and pressure at the cap this could be the cause. If it is,dont neglect to get it fixed.
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