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Help serious engine problem/damage

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Help serious engine problem/damage

    So Thursday night my car wouldn't start up..
    Had to take garage by towing it there
    Thought was dead battery
    No it wasn't
    Garage tried new coil pack
    Didn't work
    Mechanic dug deeper...

    My car is at 28000 miles well looked after was due it's
    Service the day after it broke down

    But anyway

    I've been told

    The timing chain isn't damaged but it didn't something
    That cause internal damage to my engine
    He said the cylinders which have slots in the end
    Had moved 35 degree and don't match each other
    Which has apprantly damaged my enginge to the fact I
    Need a new one? !

    I have no idea what had caused this he also said on the
    Igniton coil one of them was misfiring or something

    My car is only 2011 plate

    Corsa ecoflex 1.0

    Any suggestions or help much appreciated.

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      Thanks for replying mate
      You've basically said what the mechanic said I just didn't know how to explain the situation
      It was last serviced in December and had a full service I was told it was a good healthy car and now this has happened also had an mot 2 months ago and passed the mechanic said he couldn't do repairs in his garage and recommended halfords but someone is going to garage Tuesday to look at enginge and diagnose it a bit better..
      But yes the timing chain has jumped and did do exactly what you have said the car is only on 28k and 4 years old I just can't belive it..
      Cars stuck at garage and can't do nothing except hope my car is covered under this warranty I have but I don't know
      Clearly there's nothing I can do ��
      Oh and yes he did say the valves have took damage
      And also the coil pack on it had misfired to
      He showed us turning the chain to show how camshaft worked and he explained that they aren't lined up anymore
      Also it was serviced by eurofit garage they seemed good in doing my service!


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        If you've got any kind of warranty on it I'm sure you'll be covered. It is major engine failure which is precisely what warranties like this cover. What they don't cover is consumables and minor components.

        To be honest you're best asking around for a good independent workshop re. servicing and repairs. Much better than any kind of chain worskhop.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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          Thing is I cancelled my warranty out of anger that they haven't done anything for me stupid call I know but I've payed this month's warranty for it so maybe be able to reinstate or perhaps covered still!

          My car is currently sitting in a hi q garage and I have no way of getting it to another garage so where do I go from there?


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            First thing is check with the warranty company. If it's still valid let them sort it. If not look for a good workshop who can recover the car and sources replacement engine. If you're anywhere near the north west try Car Transplants near Nantwich or Roadrunner in Saltney, Chester.
            1972 Viva restoration thread -