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corsa d white smoke.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] corsa d white smoke.

    hi folks

    Head gasket needed done after doing check to car. Having just finished full gasket on engine. timing chain gasket new chain head gasket etc. car was a nightmare to get air lock out of it when refilling but it clear now. up on ramps and running nice no leaks etc.

    I took car for a run and came back let it tick over when massive belch of white smoke came out exhaust then cleared.

    Italian fiat engine z13 dtj used Elring gasket set 1.3 ecoflex diesel. 2009 plate.

    I'm thinking possible egr fault. no Eml on either.

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    corsa sorted woosh noise all gone but getting air out system was a nightmare. running great now. smoke free not sure why it had a small smoke out. plenty pics on rebuild were taken too...


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      Did you check the head for flatness?


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        yes all checked was fine checked with feeler gauge etc and was well within tolerance . once gasket was off there was no real sign to say in was 100% the gasket no burn etc. cars fine now no more woosh sounds, to be fair it had just started there was no milk stuff or anything in header tank.


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          Maybe there was a bit of water in the exhaust from the original head Gasket problem.

          When it heated after starting it after the work, it evaporated - maybe.

          Maybe there was a bit in the egr from before nd when it opened it was sucked back in the air intake, heated and then out the exhaust in steam.

          - - - Updated - - -

          Alls well now anyway?


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            yes all sorts good. Did a retest on header tank today and all it good. plenty pics taken too. but fair amount to clean up when doing it.