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1.3 CDTI suddenly making seriously loud knocking rattling noise

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 1.3 CDTI suddenly making seriously loud knocking rattling noise

    Hi, I bought a 57 plate 1.3 cdti Corsa the other week. It has been running ok, but today it all of a sudden started making a horrible noise. It sounds like something is rattling around in the engine sort of like a spanner in a washing machine, and it's seriously loud. No warning lights came on or anything. The noise is in correlation with the revs, and it doesn't go away. It sounds louder in the car than out in front of the engine bay. Does anybody have any idea what it could be?


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    There are all sorts of things it could be - no way of telling without being able to see and hear the car running to be honest. Anything else is just guesswork. Any chance you can post a video clip of it running?

    The best way to track noises is to use a mechanic's stethoscope, or put a long metal bar (like a big screwdriver) with one end on various parts of the engine and the other end to your ear. You'll easily track down the source of the noise that way.

    Check the oil level and make sure the pressure light goes out when the engine starts.
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