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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] misfire

    hi guys I have a 1.2sxi 2005 its misfiring changed coil pack plugs wiring loom egr and mass air flow meter I am stuck codes are reading p0301 p0300 pls help I have spent lots of money and cant get it sorted now I feel like just scrapping it the mechanics have given up too but I don't really want too.i want to get it sorted pls help thanks.

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    You've done the obvious so the next thing is to try swapping the injectors round, see if the misfire follows the injector or stays with the cylinder.

    If it follows the injector then obviously there's the problem. If not the next step is a compression test on all cylinders - compare no. 1 to the rest.
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      Done what u said still same anymore ideas matey thanks.


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        Please don't use text talk/shortened words as it's against the rules here.

        What were the results of swapping the injectors round?


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          And what were the results from the compression test? If it's still misfiring on the same cylinder after everything you've checked chances are there's a mechanical issue on no.1 cylinder.

          I had one a few weeks back doing that and the rocker arm had come off - not seen that happen for a while.
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              OK - so compressions sound level across all four cylinders, anything within 10% is acceptable.

              Not the injector if the misfire didn't follow the injector swap

              Not plugs or coilpack if you've replaced those

              You say you replaced the EGR - did you clear the old codes from the ECU? I've found that a sticky EGR can cause a misfire and the code for some reason lodges in the ECU and maintains the misfire even when the EGR has been replaced.

              Take a photo of the plug that came out of no.1 cylinder, it can tell you quite a bit about what's going on.
              1972 Viva restoration thread -


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                Did you get it sorted?

                Could it be a wiring problem maybe? Insulation broke down somewhere- maybe to the injector solenoid??? Longshot maybe - try the mechanical route first, which Taurus has suggested.

                As an aside, I knew of a friend one time in another country where they have problems with pine martens. They can eat rubber boots and wiring insulation on vehicles.

                He eventually found a tiny cut in a wire, which then must have shorted to earth and caused problems (cannot remember exactly).