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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] coolant drain,

    It looks like there is no antifreeze in my Corsa B. What is best Blue or Red ? Also I will need to drain the rad to accommodate the antifreeze, is there a drain tap anywhere or will I have to remove the bottom hose ? thanks Colin...

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    As far as I remember, the bottom hose is the best method of draining it. Not sure on which coolant type is best.
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      Yup - no drain fitted so release the lower radiator hose. From new it should have had red antifreeze but you can use blue. Red is better as it lasts for 5 years, blue needs replacing every 2 years. Do not mix the two. Red is safe for use in most cars from 1990 onwards, blue is universal. Since you can't totally drain the system give it a good flush with a hose to clear out as much of the old stuff as possible.

      Refill very very slowly if it's the chain-drive engine as there's no way to bleed them and they airlock easily. The old 8v engines you can bleed via the temp sender on the inlet manifold.
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