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Violent shaking when moving off in 1st gear

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Violent shaking when moving off in 1st gear

    So for the past couple of weeks I've been having a problem when pulling off in 1st gear where upon lifting the clutch up and off the bite point the front end (feels like the front end) of the car shakes really violently for a few seconds, the problem only happens in 1st gear and only within the first 10-20 minutes of driving when pulling away from standstill. I went to the shops and back earlier today with this problem, got home and tried to reproduce the problem but couldn't, it only seems to happen if the car hasn't been started for 6 hours or so. I've had a mechanic look at my clutch and he says that he can't see anything wrong with it so I'm out of ideas. This is my first car (53 reg corsa with 84k miles) so I'm pretty new to diagnosing problems. Any ideas on what this could be?


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    It is a common problem, most folk call it clutch judder. It can be caused by a number of things, but when it only happens for the first few miles of driving it's usually contamination on the clutch plate. As you use the clutch the contamination is worn off and the clutch works properly. It can be worse in cold damp conditions. Your mechanic will have been able to check other possible causes - eg loose engine mounts - but he won't have been able to inspect the clutch plate. Often a small amount of oil coming through the rear seal will get onto the plate and cause judder for a few miles. Check your oil level isn't too high just in case that's a cause. You would sometimes see a degree of oil staining present on the bottom of the oil housing if that was the case.

    A lot of Corsa C's do it when the clutch plate is getting old and has done a fair mileage. They weren't the best bits of original equipment fitted by Vauxhall.

    It can be annoying but I've known Corsa C's to drive for thousands of miles with really bad judder so if you can learn to drive round it you can avoid having a new clutch fitted. The alternative is to take it to a workshop and have a new clutch fitted but that is obviously expensive. If you do go a replacement make sure they do the release bearing, check the crankshaft oil seal and inspect the slave cylinder whilst they are doing it.

    Driving round it usually means being light on the clutch for a few miles, give the engine more revs and slip the clutch a bit as it takes up bite. That can reduce judder to an extent.
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      I would say spark plug and wires would be the first place to start but it would also hesitate when you are at speed and trying to get power to pass or speed up.
      Do the basics first air filter oil trans fluid coolant. then move on to spark plug and wires. if that doesn't get it go to coil pack or distrubiter i am not sure which the blazer has. If that doesn't get it then i would take it to a mechanic there is a deeper problem that needs to be fixed


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          I think he means HT leads. Good luck searching for a distributor on a Corsa C by the way.
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