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  • [Non Corsa] zafira cooling

    hi all

    I have a 2002 Vauxhall zafira 1.8 petrol 152k mileage

    today Vauxhall has done a car health check on my car and it say,

    requiring immediate attention

    cooling contral module warning light on
    service indicator light on

    now my car have just had a full service a month ago my Vauxhall and the only light on my dashboard is 1 that looks like a radiator with a fan in the middle .

    does anyone know how to fix or what might be giving these errors.

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    A common fault on the Zaf is the coolant control module which Vauxhall thought was a good idea to mount behind the front bumper, as a result it get wet and the connections corrode.

    Check the obvious things like coolant level and if it is overheating. If not then chances are it's a problem with the module contacts.
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      no it is not overheating at all so I will give the module contacts a look at thank you for the fast reply and help


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        Redirect Notice

        sorry is this the right place to find the coolant control module ??


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          does anyone know of a guide for there the cooling control module is and where about's it might have corrode, if it is the box on the passenger side bumper then I have the right box any how would be great


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            oh and I have found out my aircon compressor is not clicking, ive been told it needs replacing will this give me that light on the dash

            plus after reading that it might be something to do with my fans, one guy said the go start your car and check that both fans are running. now ive don't that and the radiator fan does not run then I start he car (it was only running about 2 minutes) but I don't know where the second fan is meant to be.

            hope this helps
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              Are they talking about the air con fan ?

              If the air con is low on gas, the pressure switch will prevent the compressor clutch from engaging, so although half of the pulley will be turned by the drive belt, the centre portion will remain stationary (as if the air con wasn't switched 'on')


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                thank you for the reply

                I just had the air con regased that's how I found out it is not working right


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                  An aircon fault will throw the same fault light - which means that it isn't really worth taking much notice of so long as you know the car isn't overheating and why the light is showing.
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                    thank for the reply's guy's

                    today ive checked to see if my car is over heating by sitting on the driveway running for about 10-20 minutes, which I found the big fan just before the engine (which Ive thought was the radiator fan) did not kick in at all. now the little fan on the front of the radiator (which I thought was the air con fan) kicked in when the temp gauge red 90c it cooled it down to 80c and did this a few times.

                    so by my understanding they should be the other way around

                    ive just done a test where you hold down the brake & throttle & turn the key to the mark 2 for the service flash now I don't know what the flashs mean but they are

                    1 flash then 5 flashes ,5 flashes ,5 flashes

                    if anyone knows what this reads as or where I can find out that would be a great help
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